EP. 201: Spread Offense

Den of Thieves, The Last Jedi, Molly’s Game, The Pussy Posse, The Rock, loud cummers, Brian’s Instagram stories, drunk girl wrecks Trump supporter’s Warhols, Anton Apolo Ohno, Brook Lopez’s cat, iPhone zapping, porn hoarding, blow jobs, Dr. Phil, Paris Hilton, Logan Paul, Carrie Underwood, Guy Fieri and the Bachelor.

EP. 198: Mrs. Vargas

Iowans intolerant of “Espanol people,” Greg Zaun fired for inappropriate behavior, FSU football players animal murder, Aussie Macgyvers company GPS device with a bag of crisps, Christian Netflix, teacher busted for yayo by narc students, dating advice, a Can Conundrum and news about HOT FELON.

EP. 197: Reading Rainbow

Thanksgiving, Tom Cruise, Kate Upton, Manute Bol’s legend grows, Lavar Burton, Rand Paul is probably a douche, couple names their kid after Olive Garden, employment advice, Prince Harry’s fiance, Angela Landsbury and more.