EP. 160: Exotic Pets Guy

Brian and Ed discuss paying for grocery bags, Logan, drunk umpires, Tim Tebow, the Yankees appearance standards, the Unabomber, an arsonist’s lawyer’s courtroom e-cig fire and the #killfie phenomenon. FanceeSauce joins the guys to dissect the study of which countries lie about dick size the most, and talk about Johnny Manziel’s engagement, Mischa Barton’s sex…

EP. 159: Stall Protocol

Nerd profiling, Girl Scout cookies: Ranked, Alf, Twitter beefs, Arian Foster wants to fight a wolf, T-Wolves mascot injures star player’s dad, Sizzler U, Subway serving fake chicken, Alex Jones vs. Rush Limbaugh, Brooklyn Decker vs. Kate Upton, Ben Carson: slow adult, the Bling Ring and Jimmy Buffet’s retirement home.

EP. 158: Peace Out Pluto

Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Rogue One, bathroom laws, pistachios, Mike Piazza says St. Louis sucks, Cedric Benson doesn’t know his ABCs, radioactive boars, Iceland, chiropractor invents vaginal glue, the Oscars and RIP Bill Paxton

EP. 157: Ski Week

Beer, Kyrie Irving: Flat Earther, NFLer can’t not be nude, fat idiot Chris Christie, Wildo the Dildo, dance fight, Burger King sex toys, teacher shows kids how to make meth, the #Oscars, Han Solo’s close call, Senator Kid Rock, Patton Oswalt vs. James Woods and #fliporflop.