The Best At Their Worst

Every time you watch a movie, you’re hoping for perfection.  Unless, of course, you’ve purchased tickets to a Michael Bay movie.  Then you’re just hoping it doesn’t feature too much dialog.  No matter what movie you see, it’s a sure thing there will be some terrible character or scene.  The great movies, however, are able…

FanceeSex: Sex and Relationships

Send your sex and relationship questions to Charlie B. writes: Besides watching the beach scene between Apollo and Rocky in Rocky III, have you ever had a gay experience? Brian: The 80s were an interesting time. The shorts were short, the sunglasses were big and everybody was on cocaine. It’s fun to look back…

The Baller Lifestyle Podcast Episode 19

Stadium beer prices, MLB and NBA fights, Darren Rovell suspended by ESPN for tweets, men are better than women at relaxing and FanceePop: Lindsay Lohan, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Bryan Singer and the gay hollywood pedophile mafia.  

The Baller Lifestyle Podcast Episode 17

  Brian and Ed talk about the Final Four, greasy John Calipari, the mile high club and adults who watch professional wrestling. And in FanceePop, FanceeSauce joins the boys to talk Kanye’s obsession Kim Kardashian’s ass, Taylor Swift’s stage parents, Johnny Depp’s affected persona and Lindsay Lohan’s impending meltdown.

A Humbling Epidemic

In the mid to late 14th century, the French created the word humble from the latin humilis, meaning “lowly” or “from the earth”. The verb form of the word, according to the Oxford English dictionary, means “to lower someone in dignity or importance.”  In the past few months, however, the definition seems to have changed. …