The 20 Best Things That Happened in 2016

With each bad news story (Trump, celebrity deaths, Brexit, ISIS, Flint water, Dylan Roof, Aleppo, Wells Fargo, Brock Turner, Chewbacca mom), people cursed 2016 as if it was an exceptionally bad year. Without question some terrible things happened. In a world full of billions of people (and, seemingly, trillions of celebrities), bad shit is bound…

EP. 148: No Nog

Brian shares his infamous egg nog recipe, weird piercings, #DalysChoice #StarWars edition, guns allowed at football games, #Yeezy, OJ “Stinky” Simpson, #CoolPope, porno, Lamar Odom, Erin Andrews and the #bombshell #FliporFlop divorce.

EP. 147: No Whammies

Daly’s Choice, eff the Cubs, juvie fight club, coach sends recruit’s mom 416 texts, so much teacher sex, sex on someone else’s bed, #lyfecoaching, Shia LeBeouf vs. Soulja Boy and David Copperfield vs. Criss Angel.