EP. 175: The Sperminator

Emergency Gold Bond, more snakes, Johnny Mac, a big announcement, Daly’s Choice: little person edition, Angel Pagan, engagement losers, Canadian toe theft, The Sperminator, sexual intimacy interrupted, endowment = confidence, Bill Cosby, Johnny Galecki, Kelly Osbourne pissed herself, Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp.

EP. 174: Slant Six

Ed hates being tagged, Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet, Better Call Saul, Fargo, Kasey Kasem, Knicks trade rumors, Racism in Lithuania? Jimmy the Greek, The Slants, Mike Francesa, “orientals,” Jaws fucks, dog meat skewers, Rats, “gored to death,” Niagara Falls in an inflatable ball, Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones, The Bachelorette, Miles Teller over served? Johnny…

EP. 173: The Hooters

Ice Cube, Trader Joe’s Nazi ties, code brown moratorium, Diamondbacks uniforms, NJ mayor cries about getting crying Jordan’d, tentacle porn, G-Force, Megan Fox is a huge bogan, a special Father’s Day request, “Russ,” Rudy Huxtable, Katy Perry’s lovers: ranked, Forbes’ top earning entertainers and the Bachelor in Paradise scandal.

EP. 172: Melatonin

Instastories, the Dirtbags, “hug culture,” more “brote” fallout, Code Brown, Daly’s Choice, pro wrassling, pro “gaming,” Marlins attendance record, Ichiro, Brockmire, Donald Trump Jr. elite athlete? Ryan Phillippe, cocaine pizza, brosectomies, the Utah Grizzlies? Shaq’s foot, guy’s girlfriend’s genitals are too hot, Clooney’s babies, Derek Fisher’s DUI, David Spade: bling ring victim and an Oasis…