The Baller Lifestyle Podcast Episode 33

    Michael Jordan and LeBron, Ray Rice, long-lost sex toys, male nurses and special guest Jason Stewart discusses #TheBachelorette finale.  

Five Ways to Fix the World Cup

Today, the most popular sport in the world kicks off its biggest event, the World Cup.  Nations across the globe will spend the next couple weeks battling for world supremacy.  Fans everywhere will run the gamut of emotions – from tears to elation.  There is only one small problem with the World Cup – the sport…

The Inaugural Baller Lifestyle Draftstravaganza – A Primer

The NFL Draft is pretty stupid. Correction: Football fans getting all tumescent about the NFL Draft is stupid. Trying to predict which player is drafted by which team in which order is tremendously stupid. So Podcast invited a couple of special guests to our world headquarters for our own draft of sorts. The first…

The Baller Lifestyle Podcast Episode 17

  Brian and Ed talk about the Final Four, greasy John Calipari, the mile high club and adults who watch professional wrestling. And in FanceePop, FanceeSauce joins the boys to talk Kanye’s obsession Kim Kardashian’s ass, Taylor Swift’s stage parents, Johnny Depp’s affected persona and Lindsay Lohan’s impending meltdown.

The Baller Lifestyle Podcast Ep. 3

The one in which Brian and Ed get deep on topics like movie theater lungers, suicide by annoying girlfriend, which state has the biggest cock and the holiday classic A Very Brady Christmas. Have a listen. Tell a friend. Leave a comment. Be a pal. Mow our lawn. Buy us a shot. Become a Jehovah’s…