EP. 183: Tiger Woods’ Wood

The guys discuss Game of Thrones, The Wire, Big 10 football, Derek Jeter, Ozark, Bieber vs. Mayweather, genetic testing for racists and incest. Cate joins the guys to talk about Korean spas, Tiger Woods’ dick pic, Brian Austin Green, David Blaine and Jerry Lewis.

EP. 182: Leeroy Jenkins

Ed Daly returns to discuss the prevalence of motorboating on Wall St. and new innovations in dick pic technology. Plus, FanceeSauce updates us on Usher’s herpes battle and the Brangelina divorce.

EP. 179: Beaded Curtain

Ed checks in from London, and guest co-host Jason Stewart joins Brian to discuss The Big Sick, Dunkirk, crutch encounters, Corinne Olympios, Bachelor in Paradise, Dante Fowler, Michael Oher, Sandra Bullock, books on tape, Hugh Freeze and escorts. Then FanceeSauce joins the guys for a sex¬†survey, and to discuss Grey Worm doing work, Chester Bennington…

EP. 176: Full Turgidity

Joey Chestnut, Baby Driver, Chris Christie: fat asshole, Michael Buffer, Manny Pacquiao, Daly’s Choice, Johnny Depp, Danny Ainge vs. Danny Ainge’s son, witch doctors, YouTube stunt goes wrong, Playgirl, dating in Trump’s america, Tiger Woods back? Maria Menounos, John McEnroe biopic, Venus Williams, Jay vs. ‘Ye and YouTube star suicide.

EP. 175: The Sperminator

Emergency Gold Bond, more snakes, Johnny Mac, a big announcement, Daly’s Choice: little person edition, Angel Pagan, engagement losers, Canadian toe theft, The Sperminator, sexual intimacy interrupted, endowment = confidence, Bill Cosby, Johnny Galecki, Kelly Osbourne pissed herself, Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp.

EP. 174: Slant Six

Ed hates being tagged, Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet, Better Call Saul, Fargo, Kasey Kasem, Knicks trade rumors, Racism in Lithuania? Jimmy the Greek, The Slants, Mike Francesa, “orientals,” Jaws fucks, dog meat skewers, Rats, “gored to death,” Niagara Falls in an inflatable ball, Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones, The Bachelorette, Miles Teller over served? Johnny…