EP. 198: Mrs. Vargas

Iowans intolerant of “Espanol people,” Greg Zaun fired for inappropriate behavior, FSU football players animal murder, Aussie Macgyvers company GPS device with a bag of crisps, Christian Netflix, teacher busted for yayo by narc students, dating advice, a Can Conundrum and news about HOT FELON.

EP. 197: Reading Rainbow

Thanksgiving, Tom Cruise, Kate Upton, Manute Bol’s legend grows, Lavar Burton, Rand Paul is probably a douche, couple names their kid after Olive Garden, employment advice, Prince Harry’s fiance, Angela Landsbury and more.

EP. 196: Golf Salad

Charlie Rose, Charlie Manson, Thor, Thanksgiving items: ranked, night showering, sumo, ice stair climbing, Aubrey Huff: dummy, Ohio gubernatorial candidate fucks, sky dicks, the friend zone and Emily Ratajkowski.

EP. 195: The Pants

More Karate Kid II discussion, Jared from Subway, Clay Henry, cruise ship captain goes rogue, wooden penis sculpture found in alps, Louis CK, Tom Sizemore and other Hollywood deviants.

EP. 194: Walter Hudson

Rand Paul, Houston Astros, doctor’s office dick, office toilet etiquette, “turnings,” Gabe Kapler’s jerk off advice, Cam Newton’s confused about the Titanic, Papa John sucks, robber shoots self in dick, Chipotle records, Dirty John, FanceeSports, Kevin James v. Kevin Spacey, Mark Wahlberg and Johnny Depp.

EP. 192: First Calf Heifers

Robocop, Baby Driver, Delaware, Dirty John, Walking Dead, urine, Karate Kid Part II, racist cheerleaders, “Maine,” Popeye’s chicken, Jon Arbuckle’s dog semen controversy, did Schroeder fuck? Justin Timberlake, DJ Khaled, Mel Gibson, Smashing Pumpkins, Dr. Phil and Bill O’Reilly’s $32 million payout.

EP. 191: The Nicolas Stick

The crew discusses merch, Halloween, Roger Goodell’s wife, the golden age of televangelists, donut crumbs mistaken for meth, Gerard Butler, Eminem’s Trump rap, Nelly’s rape charge, Nicolas Cage, Steven Seagal, Benny Hill, and of course dicks.

EP. 190: Dirty John

Boat shoes, Jerry Jones’ face, Dazed and Confused, Rain City Jacks, Boogie Nights, Lindsey Graham, Trump’s golf game, pee wee football assault, Ed Daly’s modeling career, Dolphin’s coach loves cocaine, Harvey Weinstein and more.