EP. 270: Soopa Gathering


6:35 20th Annual Soopa Gathering of The Juggalos

21:55 Deep Dive in TBLS Reddit

27:45 Listener VoiceMail

37:50 Sports
     - SmashMouth Drake beef
     - Dwyane Wade thinks milk costs $20
     - Aaron Rodgers can’t chug
     - Fans unhappy about tornado warning preempting NBA Game 7

47:35 Ed’s pornstar encounter

51:30 Non-Sports

      - Boston Museum tells black students "no food no drink no watermelon"
      - Someone broke into Massachusetts man's home and "tidied up"
      - Florida woman caught smoking crack, drinking beer, and having oral sex in the back of a pickup truck
      - Owners of a Noah's Ark replica file a lawsuit over rain damage
      - Mississippi republican punches wife in face for not undressing quickly enough
      - A kid was skipping rocks at an Illinois zoo. Now a flamingo is dead.
      - Man allegedly hiding drugs in butt accidentally shoots himself in testicles
      - Thousands sign petition calling for Danny DeVito to play Wolverine

1:06:50 Fancee joins the guys for:
      - The Scoop it Up game
      - Iggy Azalea’s “leaked” nudes
      - Tony Robbins sucks
      - Rob Lowe is beautiful
      - Naomi Watts and Billy Crudup
      - Moby is a huge douche

EP. 269: Mr. Pibb Love

09:25 - Voicemail

25:00 - Riderless horse runs preakness
           - Lamar Odom's fake dong
           - Arnie got drop kicked

40:10 - 1000 losers sign petition to remake Game of Thrones
           - Morehouse college speaker pays off loans
           - Office billiard ball assault
           - Semen-filled crepes
           - German medieval sex circle crossbow murder
           - Port-a-Potty assault
           - Dad steals daughter's Girl Scout Cookie funds for erotic massage
           - Subway masturbator stabbed

1:00:00 - @FanceeSauce joins the guys to discuss the sexiest accents and answer email

1:11:20 - FanceePop: Scarjost, Bieber's deodorant, a bachelor cops a plea, Jada Pinkett loves porno, Constance Wu and Johnny Depp

EP. 268: Jack Nicholson’s Hog

16:00  - Voice Mail/Email

29:50  - Padres lose Twitter handle
            - Aubrey Huff has "views"
            - Klay Thompson walks out of Avengers
            - SmashMouth trolls Bryce Harper, gets pwned
            - Boston radio hangs up on Carolina reporter because of his accent
            - Kim Jong Un: Jock sniffer

38:40  - Border wall GoFundMe guy uses cash for yacht
            - Airline pilot arrested for triple (!!!) homicide
            - Penis extensions don't work
            - Delta Airlines sucks
            - Couple dies of plague (!) after consuming (!!) raw (!!!) marmot (!!!!)

59:00 - FanceeSauce joins the guys to discuss:   
            - Lyfecoaching
            - Facials
            - The "Scoop it Up" game
            - Tyra BanX
            - Game of Thrones
            - Anthony Weiner
            - Felicity Huffman
            - Maluma
            - Tiger Woods
            - Jack Nicholson's Hog
            - #FreeBritney