EP. 176: Full Turgidity

Joey Chestnut, Baby Driver, Chris Christie: fat asshole, Michael Buffer, Manny Pacquiao, Daly’s Choice, Johnny Depp, Danny Ainge vs. Danny Ainge’s son, witch doctors, YouTube stunt goes wrong, Playgirl, dating in Trump’s america, Tiger Woods back? Maria Menounos, John McEnroe biopic, Venus Williams, Jay vs. ‘Ye and YouTube star suicide.

EP. 175: The Sperminator

Emergency Gold Bond, more snakes, Johnny Mac, a big announcement, Daly’s Choice: little person edition, Angel Pagan, engagement losers, Canadian toe theft, The Sperminator, sexual intimacy interrupted, endowment = confidence, Bill Cosby, Johnny Galecki, Kelly Osbourne pissed herself, Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp.

EP. 174: Slant Six

Ed hates being tagged, Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet, Better Call Saul, Fargo, Kasey Kasem, Knicks trade rumors, Racism in Lithuania? Jimmy the Greek, The Slants, Mike Francesa, “orientals,” Jaws fucks, dog meat skewers, Rats, “gored to death,” Niagara Falls in an inflatable ball, Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones, The Bachelorette, Miles Teller over served? Johnny…

EP. 173: The Hooters

Ice Cube, Trader Joe’s Nazi ties, code brown moratorium, Diamondbacks uniforms, NJ mayor cries about getting crying Jordan’d, tentacle porn, G-Force, Megan Fox is a huge bogan, a special Father’s Day request, “Russ,” Rudy Huxtable, Katy Perry’s lovers: ranked, Forbes’ top earning entertainers and the Bachelor in Paradise scandal.

EP. 172: Melatonin

Instastories, the Dirtbags, “hug culture,” more “brote” fallout, Code Brown, Daly’s Choice, pro wrassling, pro “gaming,” Marlins attendance record, Ichiro, Brockmire, Donald Trump Jr. elite athlete? Ryan Phillippe, cocaine pizza, brosectomies, the Utah Grizzlies? Shaq’s foot, guy’s girlfriend’s genitals are too hot, Clooney’s babies, Derek Fisher’s DUI, David Spade: bling ring victim and an Oasis…

EP. 171: Sex on the Beach

Dead whales, triggered snowflakes, Code Browns, “brote” fallout, Japanese driver wins Indy 500, another corporate Twitter fail, homeless hula hoop assault, Fox News lawsuit, The Eagles, Gathering of the Juggalos, “Hot Felon” update, Orlando Bloom banged some chick jobless, The Tokoloshe, The Weeknd, Tiger Woods, quaaludes and Mary Kay and Vili.

EP. 170: Johnny Ringo

An update on the Big Dick Killer. WTF is a “brote?” Indy car drivers robbed at Taco Bell. A-Rod’s strange game notes. Teacher slanging sex toys. Police called over semen storage concerns. A discussion of “volume.” Can Conundrum gets a theme song. Flip or Flop. #RIPJK Roger Ailes. Tombstone. Johnny Depp wants to play Donald…

EP. 169: Owl Theory

Ed marks himself safe from the Vape Van. Brian recounts an awkward movie sex scene moment and the guys discuss Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. being hypnotized by ass, Marshawn Lynch’s love of Train, nerds naming their kids Kylo and a curious murder defense. Then FanceeSauce joins the guys to talk about David Caruso, Guy Fieri,…

EP. 168: Jam Cruise

Ed begins the show by recounting the story of his horrific mixed company code brown. Brian and Ed reveal the finalists for the iTunes Roast the Hosts contest and discuss topics like – Ed Rooney: Sex Offender, Laura Harring, deals vs. appetites, greyhound racing, the naked man who hugged a dead shark and the Eagles.…

EP. 167: Cousin Darryl’s Skidoo

Good news: there’s still time to enter the Roast the Hosts iTunes contest. On this week’s show Brian and Ed discuss mascots, potluck strategy, girthy fingers, scoreboard proposal failure, ass implants, seedy massage parlors, and special guest Lisa Bee joins the guys to talk about Johnny Depp, Ryan Seacrest, an R. Kelly cuckolding story, the…