The Baller Lifestyle Podcast Episode 33

    Michael Jordan and LeBron, Ray Rice, long-lost sex toys, male nurses and special guest Jason Stewart discusses #TheBachelorette finale.  

Five Ways to Fix the World Cup

Today, the most popular sport in the world kicks off its biggest event, the World Cup.  Nations across the globe will spend the next couple weeks battling for world supremacy.  Fans everywhere will run the gamut of emotions – from tears to elation.  There is only one small problem with the World Cup – the sport…

The Baller Lifestyle Podcast Episode 19

Stadium beer prices, MLB and NBA fights, Darren Rovell suspended by ESPN for tweets, men are better than women at relaxing and FanceePop: Lindsay Lohan, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Bryan Singer and the gay hollywood pedophile mafia.  

The Not-So-Sweet 16

The first 52 games of March Madness gave us lots of overtimes, buzzer-beaters, upsets and, best of all, a humiliating loss for Duke.  In only 15 more games, we will have a champion.  Unfortunately for basketball fans, most of the 16 remaining teams are about as likable as the warden in Shawshank.  But, if you…

NCAA Second Round Preview – South Region

Thursday, March 20 Orlando, FL   #1 Florida Gators (-21.5) vs #16 Albany Great Danes PROMINENT ALUMNI/DROPOUTS Famous Gators:  Erin Andrews, Faye Dunaway, Tim Tebow, Stephen Stills Famous Great Danes:  Harvey Milk, Ed Burns, Steve Guttenberg, Frank Whaley (the guy who says “what” a lot until he’s shot in Pulp Fiction) WHO WINS MASCOT BATTLE?…