EP. 190: Dirty John

Boat shoes, Jerry Jones’ face, Dazed and Confused, Rain City Jacks, Boogie Nights, Lindsey Graham, Trump’s golf game, pee wee football assault, Ed Daly’s modeling career, Dolphin’s coach loves cocaine, Harvey Weinstein and more.

EP. 188: Wrestling Cruise

NFL protests, Shad Khan, Puerto Rico, polio, Tom Brady, Thomas Magnum, pro wrestling cruise, Domino’s sex, weed, Can Conundrum, FanceeSports, Kardashian pregnancy update, Sofia Vergara, Morgan Freeman, Quentin Tarantino engaged and Young Dolph.

EP. 167: Cousin Darryl’s Skidoo

Good news: there’s still time to enter the Roast the Hosts iTunes contest. On this week’s show Brian and Ed discuss mascots, potluck strategy, girthy fingers, scoreboard proposal failure, ass implants, seedy massage parlors, and special guest Lisa Bee joins the guys to talk about Johnny Depp, Ryan Seacrest, an R. Kelly cuckolding story, the…

EP. 164: The Oil

On this week’s show the guys say #RIP to the legendary Don Rickles. Ed recounts his experience in a Baltimore 7-11. Brian has some thoughts on United Airlines “re-accommodation” policy and the Cambodian killing fields. Plus a discussion of David Carradine, drunk Ric Flair, Texas A&M, a Canadian billionaire’s #hairsystem, Lavar Ball, a man who…

EP. 160: Exotic Pets Guy

Brian and Ed discuss paying for grocery bags, Logan, drunk umpires, Tim Tebow, the Yankees appearance standards, the Unabomber, an arsonist’s lawyer’s courtroom e-cig fire and the #killfie phenomenon. FanceeSauce joins the guys to dissect the study of which countries lie about dick size the most, and talk about Johnny Manziel’s engagement, Mischa Barton’s sex…

EP. 148: No Nog

Brian shares his infamous egg nog recipe, weird piercings, #DalysChoice #StarWars edition, guns allowed at football games, #Yeezy, OJ “Stinky” Simpson, #CoolPope, porno, Lamar Odom, Erin Andrews and the #bombshell #FliporFlop divorce.