EP. 171: Sex on the Beach

Dead whales, triggered snowflakes, Code Browns, “brote” fallout, Japanese driver wins Indy 500, another corporate Twitter fail, homeless hula hoop assault, Fox News lawsuit, The Eagles, Gathering of the Juggalos, “Hot Felon” update, Orlando Bloom banged some chick jobless, The Tokoloshe, The Weeknd, Tiger Woods, quaaludes and Mary Kay and Vili.

One thought on “EP. 171: Sex on the Beach

  1. Great podcast folks !!!
    I felt the need to chime in on what constitutes a “Code Brown”. Ed might have been experiencing a “Code Brown” but it sounded to me like it was more of a ” T-Minus”. A “T-Minus” is when you know that “growing a tail” could happen at any time but you still have control of your bowels. The “Code Brown” is when you have little to no control left and “touching cotton” is a coin flips chance from happening.
    Just my 2 cents.

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