EP. 198: Mrs. Vargas


Iowans intolerant of “Espanol people,” Greg Zaun fired for inappropriate behavior, FSU football players animal murder, Aussie Macgyvers company GPS device with a bag of crisps, Christian Netflix, teacher busted for yayo by narc students, dating advice, a Can Conundrum and news about HOT FELON.

One thought on “EP. 198: Mrs. Vargas

  1. I listen while lifting weights at a gym. During deadlifts, Brian tells the story about a dog he rescued from a coyoté, only to rape it on the way to the vet, not even bothering to put away his genitals. I laughed so hard I might have a hernia. Like when he taught us how to use the paper toilet rim protector, and that is a dick protector hanging down, and it might be safer to go Vietnamese style, squatting with bare feet on the rim. That aired during the PBS Ken Burns Vietnam doc. I laughed in stalls for a month after that episode. Andy in Denver humming He might own Troy on dvdeeeee

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