EP. 264: Peyronie’s Disease

What’s this guy’s ‘deal?’

15:50 – Voicemail/Email
31:10 – Phil Mickelson drags Matt Kuchar
           – Jay Cutler: hero
           – Cubs go retro
           – Soccer player threatens to shit on referee’s mother
           – Julian Assange was a terrible houseguest
           – Horse masturbator arrested twice in a day
           – Man sues parents (!) for trashing valuable (!!) porn (!!!)
           – Woman with four eyebrows
           – Philippine president brags about his big dick
           – Englebert Humperdink
           – Hatchet wielding hitchhiker charged with murder

1:07:00 – @fanceesauce joins the guys to talk about:
              – Antonio Brown early killing a child
              – Game of Thrones wagering shenanigans
              – Trivago Guy news
              – Ryan O’Neal trying to unload his Farah Fawcett Warhol portrait
              – Lori Loughlin pleading not guilty


One thought on “EP. 264: Peyronie’s Disease”

  1. Baller Nation! Don’t overlook this Peyronies ep. It’s an All-Timer.
    Bri gets butthurt over Eds disagreement about golf, in which 95% of the gentlemen dress better than we do, have a servant carry their gear, and play at a plantation. The hideousness of birds and the Boys’ strategy to murder two. Matsui’s porn collection, in the footsteps of his countryman Ichiro.
    They surf the internet so we don’t have to.
    Fancee gets offended by her husband, like a proper Englishwoman. As if that’s not enough, they help us out with Art.
    I ended up in the local grocery singing He’s such a stupid fuuu uhhh uk.
    Andy in Denver, also humming Think I’ll give hetero a tryyyy

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